Latest Data-Backed Social Media Trends to Look for in 2019

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Saturday, February 23, 2019 | Social Media

With every year there come new opportunities along with brand new technologies in the market. When it comes to audience engagement and generation over the social platform things were quite passive but, 2019 has marked some great significance into the account. Since everything is now conducted online, it becomes contrary to companies to strive through the cut-throat competition. And, those who know how to deal with the tough times and turn it into a success are more likely to prosper with the social media strategies this year. But, to set your strategies straight you first have to know what’s the ongoing trend so, it gets easy for you to plan accordingly. To help you move ahead with the recent trend, the next mentioned are the best of data-backed social media trends you would love to try in 2019.

1.Content as a Winner over Highly-Produced Content

The number one trend states the rise of Stories over social media. The ephemeral content all across the internet is surely stealing our hearts which is why the trend tops the charts. These stories have been working so efficiently that even those long captions have failed to work. The growing trend of Stories also makes it essential for the user to use and witness a radical ship in the world of media. Also, the marketer should realize the importance of short-content so, their brand turns out to be meaningful and authentic. Thus, establishing a meaningful and authentic relationship between the two is important.

2.The Conversion of Multichannel to Omnichannel Marketing

For those not having any idea about omnichannel, it is the experience of viewing something across all the channels. Counting this as one of the latest trends, you can strategically integrate all the channels together. Having so many touch points on your website will keep your customer engaged and, you might be able to capture more traffic on your site. The omnichannel marketing puts more emphasis on interacting and reaching to your customers through all the mediums. In case you are thinking to plan a similar strategy, the major plus point is your social content, paid ads, and other email channels won’t have to struggle amongst themselves for any leads or sales.

3.AI-Driven Personalized Customer Experiences

The AI-Driven feature is the most loved trend of this season and, amongst one of the most experienced ones. Be it about ad optimization or chatbots, social platforms like Facebook and Google always find the best of the AI-driven features to fulfill their customer needs with better interaction medium. However, the same feature is at times underutilized by a few companies. According to the prediction by experts, over 80% of the customer interactions will be powered by artificial intelligence bots by 2020. Also, the API from WhatsApp will remain to be a game-changer depending on your company’s personalization needs. As long as personal privacy is the concern, personalization will unmistakably the best way to boost your drive performance in 2019.

4.Vertical Videos and Social Media TV

Who doesn’t love to watch IGTV on Instagram? I am sure there are going to be very few. The fact is ever since it was first introduced in 2018, the IGTV feature has seen no falls till today. Considered one of the most impressive social media trends, it gives marketers an opportunity to create attractive content in front of the world. According to a survey, it says that 50% of the digital content is watched vertically on the internet. While every social platform is working hard to survive in the unit, the IGTV section has become so compelling that you can’t even take your eyes off.

5.Brands Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Social Media Ads

Surfing over the internet and not coming around those multiple ads is absolutely a rare act. Even now every four pages of Facebook use paid to advertise as a part of their own market strategy. Apart from emerging as the latest trend, with the passing time this trend is emerging as a more expensive and competitive one. While you use this trend as a part of your own marketing strategy, make sure you pay the ad money along with the equal time creativity and investment. All in all, the most sorted way to follow the trend is to instantly boost your highest performing organic content.

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