2020 Digital Advertising Guide For Your Business

Monday, November 9, 2020 | Google Ads

Due to the pandemic this year, a lot of things have changed. And as a lot of people work from home, there is an increased number of people surfing the internet. And this pandemic has altered certain behaviours, which is the reason why you need to reconsider your marketing strategies. However, it also has certain benefits, most of the social media activities as increased, and since most of the companies and businesses have put a halt on their marketing strategy, you can take advantage of it. Follow this 2020 Digital Advertising Guide for your business to get the most this year.

Make Use Of Facebook Ads To Boost Your Online Marketing Presence– Facebook is the top marketing channels used by digital marketers, due to its reach and endless content. Facebook is a great digital marketing advertising platform to advertise your ads. It offers a massive reach and audience targeting capabilities, including age, interest, tendencies, and location. With Facebook ads, you can measure your investment, monitor the impression, clicks, and conversion of all the advertising campaigns. Another great feature of this advertising platform is that it offers remarketing features.

Make Use Of Microsoft Advertising– You can promote your brand with Microsoft Advertising. Since most of the people are staying at home, they are making use of their desktops to perform any type of search. In addition to this, many users use both Google and Microsoft Powered search engines to perform their searches. Microsoft advertising platform offers online marketers a less crowded space to display their ads, and their clicks tend to cost lower than Google Ads.

Build Your Brand With Google Ads– You should not overlook Google’s reach and make use of Google Ads to build your brand awareness. Another tip is to pair Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to promote your brand. Google’s display network serves ads across many websites, so if you focus on advertising on Google, your brand will reach a wide range of smart devices through searchers and users. Google Display also includes the YouTube platform, which is a top-funnel online marketing solution as YouTube ads help buyers make decisions by addressing their doubts and concerns.

Advertising Best Practices– There are lots of tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to advertising. And with the rise of modern advertising and new media, the best practices keep on evolving. However, there are some tips that you can follow regardless of the advertising method or medium you’re using. Make sure to appeal to emotion to attract people to take action, as studies have proven that people rely on emotions rather than information when it comes to making brand decisions. You should also focus on creating a positive association with your product. Establish a bandwagon effect, and focus on benefits over features.

Advertising Will Help You Grow– Advertising is a dynamic tool that you can add to your marketing tool as it offers a lot of advantages. You can opt for print ads, radio sponsorship, TV Commercials, or social media promotions. These platforms present endless opportunities to advertise and promote your brand to the audience. However, to best engage and connect with your customers, try to speak in their language, appeal to their emotions, and create a clear and authentic brand story to illustrate how your brand aligns with their values.

Following this 2020 Advertising Guide will help build better brand awareness and improve your business. You should also focus on varying placements to improve exposure and create a better relationship with the audience.

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