4 Phases of PPC Adjustment During Covid-19

Friday, August 28, 2020 | PPC News

Today, the ongoing global pandemic has choked the operations of almost every business. The demand is lower than ever and the supply chain can’t keep up with the sudden shift in consumer behavior. People also are conscious about their health and the quality of the products they buy during the lockdown. The risk of catching the infection has forced them to understandably expect high of the companies. Online shopping has become a new normal with even consumers who never liked online brands, shifting their preference out of urgency. The experts proclaim that such a shift in consumer behavior has a tendency to impact their lives permanently.

When people are now more digitally active, the firms that never acknowledged the importance of internet marketing must also switch their preferences now, or they will lose a huge market share in the coming years.

Here are the four phases they must track and tweak to manage their marketing campaigns in these unusual times.


Before marketers amend the campaign, they should know where they stand and how far they have to go. Planning a way forward requires the answer to several questions, beginning from the impact of the crisis on the business. Whether the impact is positive or negative, how the business model is reframed, or what shift the marketing budget has encountered, are the areas of concern. Google knowledge bank stands utterly helpful in deciphering the market condition in the most resourceful way.


Once the state of the business and clients is apparent, marketers can piece together their strategic solutions. They will have to assess the situation based on multiple factors entailing demand, visibility, availability, geography, et al. This assessment will help categorize the businesses that are at risk, facing some challenges, have pivoted, and in demand. No one-size-fits-all PPC for a global pandemic would work today. Therefore, understanding in which category the given company falls is imperative for reframing the most suitable marketing campaign. Regardless of the blooming finance, pharmacy, food, and healthcare industry, those in travel, hospitality, and aviation industry had to file for bankruptcy, meanwhile, apparel, outdoor gears, and independent food & beverage outlets experienced threatening situations.


Now comes the time for a new strategy framework depending upon each category and the clients falling under them. Working closely on amplifying the quality and efficacy of keywords, creatives, bids & budget, target constraints, account-wide best practices, and audience, will fine-tune the entire marketing campaign for a sustainable future. Auditing these tactics while keeping in mind the current business situation and marketing goals will help build a new PPC layout for the coronavirus era. Data-driven tools are extremely reliable for capturing the most profitable leads and including the conversions that are relevant for the business as of today.


Framing the plan and then closing the eyes as if nothing can go wrong anymore, is the worst thing they can do. Measurement or in other words, performance check has always been a crucial part of a business. One can’t shrug off the vision kept hidden behind the falling newly-built strategy. No conventional standard will gauge the real performance of coronavirus marketing strategies, which is why marketers first need to ascertain what they are checking on and then set new rules for measurement. Having set that, they can keep an eagle’s eye on attribution and fine-tune based on their situation.

Google itself has provided these insights for the struggling companies, so they could make the right decisions for their own benefit and their clients’ safety and satisfaction. Moreover, the tech giant also offers several technical resources for additional support to the marketers in these difficult times.

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