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Friday, June 21, 2019 | DIY, Google Ads

When you search up for blogs on Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you will find that a lot of blogs answer the simple question of what it actually is. Thus, it means that still, a majority of marketers and business owners aren’t aware of Google Ads, making it a perfect asset for you to remain at the top of the competition. Here’s a list of reasons which proof why using Google AdSense is totally worth it:


The major setback in traditional marketing mediums such as Television and magazine advertising was that those investing in it did not have any tools to measure the success/failure of such campaigns. With Google Ads, it’s a completely different scenario. One of the most measurable online channels, Google Ads even beats the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram when it comes to providing details. Providing tons of PPC metrics for transparency, Google Ads allows you to instantly determine if you are wasting your money or if there is an increase in the ROI.


Even though the options will get you confused in the beginning, gradually, as you become more used to Google Ads, you will actually find the huge array of options quite useful. Never before have the marketers had such flexibility to mold their advertising campaigns for extracting the best while using the least amount of money. You can choose who to target, when to target, and even where to target. Here’s a list of options offered by Google Ads:

Keyword Match Types:

This option allows the user to display his or her ad to a selected bunch of people who search for an exact keyword (which you will have to specify). Thus, keyword matching takes Google Ads one step above SEO, rather than specifying keywords, you just have to work and hope for the best results.

Ad Extension:

Ad Extensions allow you to enhance your advertisement with the attachments of product images, a phone number, the physical location of your business, and important links to your website.

Narrowing Down Audience:

As a marketer, you might already be aware of the unnecessary traffic which comes to your website, only to return quickly and increase the site’s bounce rate. To avoid this, Google Ads allows you to narrow down your audience through locations, time of day, language, device type, and more.

Additional Access:

Through enormous networks such as Gmail, YouTube, and other partner sites, you get access to an enormous network of non-search users. Google Ads also leverages the display network so that you get help in creating enhanced brand awareness.


Especially for new businesses and websites, it can even take a complete year to get any results from ordinary SEO techniques. Moreover, you have to be aware of the penalties and limitations of various search engines before starting your SEO campaign. Another burden would be the already well-established websites, which would be drawing the majority of the audience to itself. Whereas, when you use Google Ads, all your problems get nullified as you don’t have to wait much to see results. Thanks to its speediness, you can start getting impressions and clicks for your website immediately (But, first make sure your website is worth visiting). Moreover, it helps in deciding an area upon which you can focus all your SEO efforts, using both of them to our advantage.


SEO is something for which you require some experience and knowledge about the necessary tools. Google Ads, however, aren’t that complex and you can get started right away. The same goes for maintaining your campaigns as you don’t have to put many efforts into it. Moreover, once you get the hang of it, you will gradually realise that Google Ads is all about fun and creativity.

Thus, it would be absolutely a no-brainer for any marketer who isn’t using Google Ads. Get started now!

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