4 Biggest Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Sunday, June 28, 2020 | Google Ads

As a business owner, you’ll always be looking to get more from your marketing efforts, and what can be best than putting efforts one of the top-notch result site Google. If you haven’t been using Google Ads pay per click to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages, you may be doing not so great in your online marketing. More clicks translate into more visitors’ leads and customers for your business. And it can happen pretty quickly when you avoid all of the mistakes that leave advertisers broke and learn how to set up high-converting Google Ads. Here are some mistakes which you should avoid while making ads for Google:

Not using the Right Keywords

Not using the right keyword can prove to be a nightmare where you can invest your money and time without reaping any fruitful result. Commonly there are three categories of keywords that every Google Ads advertiser should be familiar with:

1. Broad match: – when your ads broad match keywords, your ads show when people search for your given keywords. Your ads will display regardless of the order of the words in the search string.
2. Phrase match keyword: – when you target phrase match keyword, your Ad will appear when people search for your keywords in the exact order.
3. Exact match keyword: – with an exact match, your Ads will only display when the exact keyword that you’re targeting is typed in as a search result.

Thus, if you are not using the abovementioned categories keyword than you are wasting your time and resources. You can also use these three together to get more traffic and assurance that your keyword will appear in the search engine page.

Lack of Ad Extension and Poorly Written Ads

If you are matching the keywords and still not getting the desired results, then there is only one reason, and that is not having or optimizing ad extension properly, both are ads mistakes that cannot be avoided. Google has made it easier for you to write better ad copy and adjust your setting to yield the best ROI. With Ad extension, you can use site links, call, and location extension to enhance your Ad. This simply means that you’ll add an extra piece of information or links to your Ad. It’s like the rich snippet that you add to your organic listings. You’re giving customers more reasons to click your ads.

Not Understanding Profit Margins and Conversions

When you are running a business even in the offline world, you have to conduct conversion tracking and track your profit margins. You do this because you want to improve your revenue, not just your short term profit. The same applies to Google PPC ads, to improve your conversion you must set up a conversion for inquiries or sales from the tools and analysis. You can save money when you understand how much you are expected to make and what conversion rate will get you there.

Not using Negative Keyword

People usually ignore negative keywords, but not using negative keyword is one of the biggest mistakes you can make it while creating Google ads. By using negative keywords, you can exclude keywords that aren’t a good match for your product or service. Doing so can lower your cost and increase your revenue. Negative Keywords are the easiest way to reach the most targeted customers, reduce your costs, and boost your ROI. It also helps you increase your Google Ads quality score.

Effective Google Ads boil down to targeting the right words. Moreover, it reduces your cost per customer acquisition and driving the potential customer to your site where you’ve set-up a well-crafted funnel that will improve your conversion.

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