How the Google Shopping Ads are Different from Google Search Ads

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Friday, January 21, 2022 | Google Ads

If you want to promote your products online, you might consider using Google Ads. You may also have heard of Google Search Ads and Google Shopping Ads. You may be wondering which is better: Google Shopping or Google Text Ads. The answer is that, they are quite same, if you take an outlook only. In fact, you can run both types of campaigns at the same time. One does not exclude the other.

It all depends on your business and what products or services you are selling. We’ll explore the differences between the two, the unique benefits they offer, and the secret option number 3 we use both at the same time! Let’s take a closer look at differences and how you can make the best decision to market your products.

What Google Shopping and Search does?

These two types of ads are powered by the Google Ads Forum and are designed to help advertisers drive relevant traffic to their website that is becoming more marketable or marketable.

They both use the PPC model (pay per click) which means the advertiser pays when someone clicks on their text or ad purchase. How much they pay determines what advertisers are willing to pay per click to stand out from the competition. In this sense, both types of advertising are equivalent.

What is the difference between shopping ads and text ads?

A Google search shows both ads, but there is a significant difference between the two.

Create Ads Basic

Google Text Ads allow you to advertise your products and services in search results. Ads are usually displayed without images, but we offer extensions that can include image extensions. This allows advertisers to display more content and more opportunities to advertise potential promotions and unique marketing sites.

Additional location information provides consumers with information that ads cannot generate, such as your location and business hours.

Unlike buying ads, you can bid on keywords and choose when to show your ads. Depending on the keywords you choose, you can target buyers who are close to the decision stage of the buyer’s journey because they are looking for something specific.

Mostly natural effect. Usually there are 3 or 4, but it may vary depending on the search.

Buy Basic Ads

Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the SERP and have a dedicated tab. As I said before, you can’t bid on certain keywords, but submitting a well-crafted feed with detailed topics and a list of negative keywords can still impact the recipients of your ads.

Google will display up to 30 Shopping Ads (formerly Listing Ads) on desktop computers and up to 15 phones. Your product can now show multiple purchase ads, but only one search ad per advertiser at a time. This means you can show multiple results in Google Shopping, but only one search.

Compare Shopping Ads to Search Ads

Big question. Which ad should I play? However, there is no one sized answer like this one. You can run either or both of these, and your chances of success will fall in many areas, including: (CPC) need for products per item awareness of products (e.g., people sell things they have never heard of) potential metric performance of some products to help you better understand success Let’s look at the stats.

Final Words

Both Google Shopping and Text Advertising have their pros and cons. The first step in understanding the two types of advertising is knowing the pros and cons. If you’re not sure which ad type to use, try both. In time, you will find out what works best for you. Be aware of which type of ad drives the best conversion rate at the highest cost. If you find that one type of ad works better than another, you can go further and put more or less of your budget into this type of ad. If not, running both can produce excellent results. Also, you can reach the experts at Google Shopping Ads Management Agency to get the job done!

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