New Google AdWords Features & Updates

Monday, January 7, 2019 | Google Ads, PPC News

Google AdWords, you have to stay updated as Google keeps on optimizing AdWords for better use. Here are the latest updates, news, and features you need to know:

  • The all new AdWords Reach Planner tool for YouTube
  • For YouTube and other video platforms on AdWords, Google has come up with the Reach Planner Tool which predicts the reach and conversion rate of a particular video campaign on the supported media platforms. With the help of Reach Planner, you can plan future video campaigns easily and connect to an increased audience. It also helps select an appropriate ad format based on your marketing objectives as well as budget.

  • The Advanced and Expanded Landing Page Report
  • It is important to review the performance report of landing pages, for both Final URL and Mobile Final URL as the landing pages are the prime factor to get conversions from paid traffic. The feature, which was also available earlier, will now provide a view of fill reporting metrics for expanded landing page URLs, meaning that you can now locate how traffic is coming to each landing page of your website. From each of the expanded landing page URL, you can obtain valuable information like clicks, cost, conversion rate, mobile-friendly click rate, and valid AMP click rate.

  • New AdWords UI
  • The New User Interface makes navigation easy and user-friendly. Some features such as Automated Extensions Report, Message Extensions, AdWords Lab, Advanced Editing, and Price Extensions are missing from the new UI, people continue to toggle between the old and new user interface.

  • The Promotion Extension
  • Added under the ‘Ads and Extension’ tab, the promotion extension helps the ads to stand out on the SERPs. An important asset for E-commerce sites, you can use it for showcasing a special promotional sale and other offers presented by the website. The promotion extension makes the promotional message appear twice, once in the ad copy and secondly through the Promotion Extension, increasing the CTR of the ad by more than 10 percent.

  • Indefinite Optimization and Rotation
  • Before the introduction of the new Google Adwords update, advertisers were able to use only the four mentioned options:
    • Optimize for clicks
    • Optimize for conversion
    • Rotate evenly
    • Rotate Indefinitely
    The new update lets the advertisers optimize and rotate the ads indefinitely so that they have a better success rate. Even though the new update is advantageous, you might find some difficulties in setting ads for rotation.

  • Revised Product Listing Ads
  • You can view the revised and new variation in product listings under the “Shop Now” category. The new update shows the price along with a little detail about the product in a manner resembling the price extension format in mobiles. So, the product listing now includes a hyperlink, detail of the product, price, and shipping option.

  • Bid Adjustment Facility
  • The bid adjustment facility, a new option provided by Google, gives the facility of interactions which enables call extensions in mobile search ads. This update removed the earlier problem when the advertisers designed ads along with extensions, but the same did not appear in mobile search ads.

  • AdWord Editor 12
  • The AdWords Editor 12 came with a fresh look and new features for simplifying the workflow. It is a useful tool as you can create custom rules with it, based on your own best practices. Moreover, the AdWords Editor 12 will suggest ad campaigns and ad groups which match the eligibility criteria with your best practices. As compared to the previous versions, Editor 12 has a faster account download and also supports ad bidding to maximize conversion rate.

  • Automatic Bid Adjustment Mechanism
  • Adjusting your bids to maximize profit is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire marketing campaign. With the introduction of Maximize Conversions Bid Adjustment, you can rely on the automatic mechanism which will help you increase the conversion rate by setting the right bid within your daily budget.

    Even though the new updates might seem to be complex when you begin working on the updated version, eventually, you will see how easy and smooth Google Adwords has become with the new updates!

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