Automotive PPC for Global Pandemic to Increase Brand Awareness

Friday, October 30, 2020 | PPC News

The current pandemic has made a huge impact on businesses all around the world. And because of this reason, many business owners are cutting down on their expenses to cope. And when there are economic uncertainties, the first thing that they do is put a halt on their marketing campaigns and the budget. However, with the rise of screen time amongst the consumer, those businesses that have put a halt on their marketing strategies will not get any clicks. And as for those that are still running their marketing campaigns, their competition will decrease, and their clicks and conversion will increase. Let’s look at some effective marketing tips for your PPC for Global Pandemic.

Go Over the Automotive Industry Marketing Funnel

Now, more than ever, there is a need to build your online presence in the automotive industry. As people are spending more time online, they are also gathering information before making a purchase decision. During these months, consumers are actively researching the car that they are planning to upgrade to and asking questions such as which car is right for me. They are also keeping themselves updated on special offers, deals, sales, new vehicles, luxury vehicles, and non-luxury vehicles. Even with the pandemic, there is still a continued movement in the buying funnel.

Focus on the Buying Funnel

Another tip is to focus on the buying funnel, and you can do this by using creative methods to respond to the market. You can offer a safe home test drive and take all the necessary precautions so that your customers will feel safe when they are testing your product. The goal should be to make sure that the customers are comfortable and ensure that you are doing everything to keep them safe. Focus on your top-performing car model and brand through paid campaign and content, add online reviews, and update your website, social media business pages, Google My Business, and others.

Revise your Businesses’ PPC Strategies

Another essential thing that you should do is revising your PPC marketing strategy. One way to start is by adding Display Remarketing Campaigns for the products that you want to promote. Find out the products that the customers have viewed or interacted with, but didn’t make a purchase and remarket those products to your new audience. You can also create brand awareness by running local YouTube campaigns and making use of ad extensions to make your ads more visible. Ensure that you prepare the keywords based on your audience queries and trends, and update your negative keyword list as well.

Adjust your Ad Schedule to Show Up During the Best Performing Time

Once you have revised your PPC strategies, the nest thing to do is adjusting the ad schedule so that it will show up during the best performing time. You can change this setting in the overview section of your Google Ads dashboard, where you can see the day and hour chart. It will give you data on which day and hour of the week you tend to get the most conversion. Then make a note of the top two to three days you tend to get the most of your conversion and focus on those days, as for the rest of the days, you can choose to reduce the bids or exclude the campaigns to save money.

The times are challenging but making these efforts will be beneficial for your automotive business. Focusing on PPC for Global Pandemic will help your business be prepared to compete and raise when things subside, and it gets to normal. Hopefully, these tips will help your automotive business during these difficult times.

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