Where Should You Advertise Your Business in 2020?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 | Social Media

Novel Coronavirus has forced everyone to leave their work and sit at home doing nothing. While social distancing is mandatory and mobile phones are the king, more people at home means more active users on the internet. If you have a kid at home or someone who is working from home, you would relate to the increased significance of platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to stay connected. Digital presence is a must during the current global pandemic because it’s the time when the maximum audience is using the internet. Amidst the falling economy, businesses also are trying their best to spread brand awareness to the target audience.

Acknowledging the positive points of digital advertising, they recognize the efficacy of various advertising platforms to display their brands. We’ve put together a 2020 digital advertising guide, stating where they think it is worthwhile to advertise and why.


Who isn’t on Facebook these days, a social media channel used by almost every individual from different niche? Its infinite reach and content couldn’t be hidden from digital marketers who see it as an opportunity to feature their ads. Since users are scrolling for days without getting off, it is easy to leverage its massive reach and audience targeting capabilities. This platform has distinctive features for marketers, so they can gauge their investment and monitor their impressions, clicks, and conversion for each advertising campaign. With limited business operations in hand, there will be enough time in 2020 to bestow on previous clients. Those who have shown some interest in the past can now be reconnected with the remarketing features offered by Facebook. Engagement through likes, comments, and shares also increases the SEO ranking of the Ad in the search engines.

Microsoft Advertising

Many of you would come across it as absurd because it is a desktop software for documents. But marketers nowadays are encouraged to invest in Microsoft advertising for online marketing. More and more people are searching from their desktops during lockdown besides Google. Surprisingly, more than 50 percent of people solely rely on Microsoft for gleaning information. It is evident because this platform dominates the search market on desktops and laptops. Its voice search feature is the most loved among users who are busy juggling things at home. Integration with Alexa and Cortana, reasons why the dependability on voice search is expected to increase the next year. Not many marketers know about it and that makes it profitable; don’t forget that fewer competitors mean lesser crowd and lower cost.

Google Ads

Overlooking the enormous reach through Google Ads in the modern era is a foolish deed to commit. Every minute Google receives millions of search requests that go from a few billion per day to trillions per year. Thus, no marketer can afford to miss out on the myriad of audiences found on Google. The platform is accessed through multiple devices, so it offers a great opportunity to display a brand on a wide range of smart devices. Furthermore, you can try amalgamating these advertisements with Microsoft advertising for better recognition.


YouTube, one of many platforms included in Google Display Network, is the top of the funnel online marketing solution. People prefer YouTube because of its user-friendliness and the soaring popularity of video content. Mainly because it addresses their doubts and details to help them make purchase decisions, YouTube Ads is considered the second largest search engine after Google.

Advertising on a wide array of digital platforms gives exposure and helps connect better with the audience. This digital marketing guide is based on general experience and quantitative stats. Observing the tough times of 2020 and shifting search patterns of the audience, the marketers are encouraged to follow this guide to display their clients’ brands enormously.

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