Essential Banner Ad Designing Tips for Beginners

Thursday, August 29, 2019 | DIY, Google Ads

If you’re looking to boost your online traffic on your website with better ads, then web ad design is a perfect choice for you. Banner ad design focuses on the creation of effective web banner ads under the guidelines of basic ad design. In today’s world, banner ads are one of the most creative forms of advertising. Numerous companies use them because they are affordable, efficient, measurable, and a good way to increase brand awareness across different platforms. Although there are a lot of Google banner design services providers who implement this type of advertisement campaigns, newbies are also attracted to this business but don’t know from where they should start. But they don’t have to worry now for the following are some tips and the general rule of designing banner ads, which will help them stand out in the digital market.

Properly Prioritize the Element of the Ads

Numerous online ads are made of banners and to select the best out of them, you should plan a proper design structure and prioritize their elements in the right order. Each design should include four parts, i.e., a company’s logo, the value of the offering, a visible representation of service, and a call to action. The size of the banner also matters. Also, the image must be relevant and appealing and shouldn’t be unclear or of bad quality.

Make a Bold Call to Action Button

A call to action button reduces the gap between you and the customer and also increases the click-through rate of your ad. It is better to place a call to action button on the lower side of your ad. Consider a direct call option for the user, such as sign up, buy now, subscribe, etc. Though there are many ways to use a call to action for other forms of advertisement, it is better to avoid other techniques on banner ads as it looks unprofessional and over the line.

Select the Best Images

It is the basic rule of law that the picture in an ad should be attractive and relevant so that it can drive target users. Here is a list of things that you should consider when choosing a perfect image.
· Don’t use unnecessary photos if you don’t need it.
· Apply filter and add some graphics to it.
· If you’re looking to use your ad locally then it is better to choose location-specific photographs.
· People in the photographs should look happy as it is found that happy human faces easily draw the attention of others.

Use the Best Combination of Colors

For designing banner ads, choice of color plays a crucial role. But it is difficult to select a certain combination of colors because it mainly depends on your brand, advertisement type, and audience. Hence, you should place some ground rules related to the choice of colors for your online ads.

Use Surreal Visuals

Most of the online ads usually make their message understandable but using surreal visuals, which often prove to be very effective for driving customers to purchase products. Adding surreal visuals in the ad never fails to grab the attention of the audience if the message is kept simple and understandable.

Create a Motion

Adding a subtle sense of motion to a simple image will make your ad more graceful. Movements make your ad design expressive even if the frame remains static, also, grab the attention of the audience very easily. Thus, try to add cover lines in the ad design, which give the audience a sense of relativity to the brand and make sure that they notice all the aspects of your ad.

Ad design is a mixture of creativity and message of marketing that makes it a most challenging task for various Google ad design services provider, however, if newbies follow all these tips, then no one can stop them from gaining a competitive edge.

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