Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Ad Campaign

Monday, October 21, 2019 | DIY, Google Ads, PPC News

Every online marketing company has a goal of maximizing its profits and get a lot of customers, and one of the best ways to earn that achievement is to invest in pay-per-click advertising. If you don’t know about PPC, then it is a strategy of using search engine advertising to display ads in front of the audience based on keywords and targeting. Your PPC advertising will essentially increase your brand awareness and drive organic traffic to the website. However, running an ad campaign is not easy that leads to several mistakes. A PPC management company is the best alternative to reduce errors in the ad campaigns and they also have the expertise to run it efficiently. Therefore, here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid in your PPC campaign.

Not Applying Geo-Targeting

Google provides you the option to geo-target your ads. Even though it is not that important, but many users feel comfortable using the services of a local provider. Due to this reason, make sure to add a particular city for your audience so they can find you easily. And in just a short period you will receive a higher CTR and lower CPR.

Not Setting Up the Exact Tracking

Ignoring a potential visitor on the website will lead to a loss in the business. Tracking each visitor on your PPC campaign with the help of using their exact keyword search and campaign, you can easily find out what the visitor is looking for on the website. Integrating your campaign with website analytics is the best way to track the visitor.

Not Properly Optimizing the Quality Score

There is denying the fact that numerous marketers and business owners avoid optimizing their quality score, and one of the main reason behind it is that they don’t know about it and thinks that it is not that important. But you should pay attention to it. Your website quality score affects your CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Lower CPC means a lower amount of money spent on your ad campaign per lead conversion. Therefore, optimizing your quality score will save you valuable time that can be used in other business activities.

Avoiding Mobile Website Traffic

It is found that mobile users are more willing to convert into effective leads because most of them are looking for immediate resolution for their problem. But if you’re avoiding mobile users then you’re losing the opportunity of growth. With the help of PPC management in India, you can easily set up ads for both mobile and desktop devices by
using tools like Enhanced Campaigns.

Not Effectively Testing Ad Campaign

Don’t make the error by only writing one version of copy and running your campaign without testing it. By Avoiding ad campaign, you will not be able to find which ads are functioning properly or which are not. There are various methods to test ads such as by placing each ad in a different scenario and see how each ad performs in a different event or you can just randomly check the ads to find which ads are working or which ones aren’t.

Investing in PPC Advertising without Even Knowing

PPC advertising is a complicated process and sometimes hard to understand. That’s why investing in it is not a great idea if you don’t know anything about it. Therefore, you should read about it on different platforms, tips, mistakes to avoid, strategies to use. Spending some initial time in understanding PPC advertising will help you save time.

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