Google Ads: Top Hacks for Improving the Conversion Rate

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | Google Ads

Google Ad is a part of a pay-per-click program, which is gaining popularity in the market. It allows small businesses to advertise their products and services on the safe platform as big organizations. Through PPC, the organizations can achieve success based on their efforts rather than the budget.

Due to such low barriers, there a lot of competition, so it is not easy to make money. And to make the right profit, you need to test and sharpen the campaign for maximum effect. Below are some of the ways that can help you improve the conversion rate on Google Ads:

Remarking is Necessary:

Are you aware of the people who click on your ads, add your products to their cart but don’t purchase it? There can be many reasons for this situation, as you can’t ask everyone the exact cause. Now your main goal is to find out what the customers have been thinking or planning. If they have not bought anything, it does not mean that you should ignore them, rather target such people with new marketing techniques.

Create a unique ad copy for these customers, which should depend on their preferences, so that the next time they won’t avoid purchasing the products.

Neglect the Connection between the Landing page and Ad Copy:

While writing Google campaign ad copies, people get carried away but, they should understand the metrics and algorithms used by Google Ads. It helps them to identify the quality, and relevancy of an ad before showing it to people, which means the ad copy should include the keywords that can target the audience. It helps Google Bot to know the relation between the search queries, ad copy, and the landing page.

Moreover, it will be complicated for the visitors to discover any relation between the ad copy and the landing page. For example- If the landing page of the company explains the importance of web design, but the ad highlights Digital Marketing, it would be a total disaster.

Ad Ranking:

In the process of creating an appealing ad copy and tracking conversion, marketers sometimes forget about Ad ranking. It describes the position and condition of an ad related to others. When you stop recognizing the Ad Rank, your ads will not be shown to the target audience.

There are various factors to determine the Ad Rank, but the crucial of them are landing page, the relevance of ads, expected CTC, ad extensions, bid amount, and more. Thus, by improvising Ad rank, you can rank higher in competitive terms without spending much money.

Negative Keywords:

While creating a Google Ad campaign for the first time, the specialist must not include potential negative keywords. You can’t only depend on the search term report, but you should be proactive and create a list of keywords that are somewhere connected to your ad copy.

For example- if you are selling e-books, you should mark terms such as ‘free’ or ‘pirated’ as negative. Otherwise, you will need to spend a good percentage of your ad budget on irrelevant search queries.

Concentrate on Mobile Users:

There is no denying that people utilize mobile phones more than any other gadget. So, when you are managing a Google ad, you need to put additional requirements for a mobile user. For example- Always remember to add a call extension and don’t ignore the conversion rate. As people are using different devices, so the landing page of your website should be mobile-friendly.

Keep the Landing page in order:

People generally add images, and texts to make the landing page attractive but, it is not enough. You should make proper use of it by including catchy lines, call-to-action-buttons, and must conduct the A/B test. Apart from this, the content should be brief, compact, engaging, and conversion oriented.

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