Five A/B Tests You Need to Try for PPC

Friday, November 15, 2019 | PPC News

Digital marketing is a flourishing and potent practice of the modern era. Nobody can survive long without exposing his business to the digital world. This world has served a strong and largely accessible platform to entrepreneurs from around the world. Then, what’s there to be afraid about? Since a myriad of online business owners is marketing their products electronically, the competition of staying at the top edge is becoming quite daunting. Marketers pledge in such cases to help the entrepreneurs by using the Pay-Per-Click online marketing strategy. They believe that a PPC campaign is a must for any business to stay in a progressive loop and hold a strong and long term standing in the market.

Cost-Per-Click is a practice of driving a plethora of relevant audiences by bidding on relevant keywords that users use to search for a product category. The key elements of this campaign are keyword research, Ad copy creation, link building, and bid management. One of the most important of all is management, which helps to diagnose the loopholes in the campaign and implement tweaks and improvements. And the essential sub-task of PPC management is A/B testing, which means testing or trying new things in the account. In other words, it is a practice of testing and comparing the performances of two variables. Although there are various testing ideas you can embark on, we are giving you a brief of the top five A/B tests that you have to try for the success of your campaign.


Time is a vital element of PPC management and requires running experiments on Google. Since it is unambiguous to say that conversions can plunge as low as zero if not regulated properly, testing one campaign using an open schedule and another with a refined schedule is a must to ascertain how displaying the Ad at a particular time affects its performance.


Another A/B testing idea is to check which landing page performs the best when linked to a particular Ad. Sometimes, there is more than one landing page for a single Ad like that in the case of chocolate cake mix varieties offered by an online bakery store. Here, you can test the viability of each landing page side by side and choose the one that brings the maximum sale.


Seasonal Ads are more reliable and successful than generic Ads for they attach a personal touch to the message. Creating Ads like fall back-to-school or winter holiday Ads gives the message a bit of a personalized essence and relevance while fulfilling the needs of the customers arising in that particular season.


It’s an amazing Ad feature that helps you reach potential customers no matter what their search keyword is. Taking the same example, for instance, your cake mix company if uses dynamic keyword insertion, someone searching for “chocolate cake mix” will encounter your Ad saying “Chocolate cake mix” and if anyone searches for “double chocolate cake” your Ad will appear saying the same.


As per PPC reseller updates, a responsive search Ad is Google’s Newest search Ad format. It allows the addition of multiple headlines and descriptions to a single Ad and ultimately helps you compare the performance of different combinations and favor one with the most leads.


PPC PAPA is an ever-evolving industry that needs time for continuous testing. So, try the foregoing A/B tests for no testing is equivalent to the wastage of time and find what garners the maximum conversion rate for your advertisements.

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