How to Lower Your CPC in Google Ads

Sunday, June 7, 2020 | Google Ads

In the highly competitive world of Google Ads, findings ways to decrease the Cost Per Click (CPC) for the keywords of your campaign is a necessary step in becoming competitive and ultimately succeeding in your online advertising efforts. As per your industry, products and target location, the complexity level of getting CPC might vary, but here are some tips that might help you, when applied properly:

Lower Bids:

By dropping your bids, you can lessen your Google Ads campaign average CPC. You can also give Google a lower Max CPC to charge for every click that your campaign receives.

If in case, your campaign is on an average position and is currently under a controlled budget, you can lower your bids, as lowering it would signify a lower average CPC. It might drop the position a bit but, you can still produce more clicks with the same budget and show your ads during more time. Thus, increase your exposure on Google and your potential lead generation as well.

After the current introduction and increase of Google’s Machine learning and automated bidding, the marketers and manufacturers are executing their campaigns with the updated approach as it helps to save a lot of time. When you want to take full control of how much you pay per click, switch everything to Manual CPC. It helps you to concentrate on keywords that are performing, and then set tenders accordingly.

Transform your Approach:

Variations in New Keywords:
When running a new campaign for a flower shop, you might face tough competition. As you are a small startup, you don’t have a budget for Google Ads. Thus, choose alternative lower cost keywords and to find variations in new keywords, you can use a couple of approaches.

Another option is to perform a filter on the Keyword Planner by using the Suggested Bid column, and filter keyword options from low to high Average CPC estimates.

Long-Tail Keywords:

When it comes to advertising for a highly competitive industry, the average CPC for your campaign could be very costly. Thus, dodge using high-cost keywords, do some research and obtain long-tail keywords. They tend to have higher Quality Scores, and a better- Quality Score is the most efficient way of lowering Avg. CPC along with managing a good position.

Utilize Separate Match Types:

Depending on your campaign, you can introduce your campaign with several ad groups to test out the same keywords in separate match types. You can also create separate campaigns to operate on the various keyword match type you want to test.

Improve your Quality Score:

It has a straight correlation with your PPC success. Thus, by increasing your Quality Scores, you can enhance your campaign’s performance along with reducing your Cost-Per-Click as Quality Score is directly proportional to CPCs.

Making Ads Relevant:

It is part of the formula used by Google to check the Quality Score. Thus, for finding the relevance of your ads, go to your keyword tab and then float over the speech bubble of each keyword to find out the ad relevance level. To enhance your ad’s relevancy, include keywords from the ad group into the ad headline and description to make sure that your landing page is of the highest relevance to your keyword.

Using Different Landing pages:

When you manage to label your ad as “above average” by google, you can increase your ad’s relevancy. Landing page knowledge is also considered by Google as a factor to determine the Quality Score for your keywords. Thus, test several landing pages and choose the one that is more relevant to both your keywords and ads. Also, changing your ads that lead to a better landing page, you can increase relevancy and improve the Quality Score for the keywords in the ad group.

Produce Related Ad Groups:

Creating themed lists of keywords and ad groups is the right way of setting up a campaign and achieving a good Quality Score.

You can structure your keywords based on your business and your webpage set up and by categorizing the products and services you provide and want to promote online.

Adjusting Bids:

It is known by every PPC marketer that bids go beyond keywords and there are five A/B tests you need to try for PPC. But before anything, there is a need to consider many other factors, like the location of the user, which device they use, and what hours’ drive more traffic and leads.

These insights are essential to lowering the CPC. Also, try increasing your bid, so that your ads can be more apparent on days that generate both targeted clicks and sales by enhancing your conversion rate

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