What is Google Ad Strength Indicator?

Saturday, September 22, 2018 | Google Ads, PPC News

Today the consumers have become more curious and fastidious than ever before. They expect to get things done in an expedited manner while engaging with ads that stand more relevant to them. As per the stats, over ninety percent of the consumers tend to buy something online by following the relevant ads. However, sometimes due to some irrelevant contents and the despair of not finding the exact need force them to be sceptic about clicking on ads. It is not the consumers who face the problems only, the advertisers also have trouble while creating a better performing ad to attract more visitors to their websites.

Creating effective and diverse ads by utilizing Google’s machine learning that performs well in products like responsive search ads, display ads, and Universal App campaigns could be tough on the part of advertisers, as it fails to find out the combination that works the best. However, Google has come up with a tool that could act as a panacea for advertisers who look to deliver the best ad experiences to their customers. “Google Ad indicator” is the metric that helps in measuring the relevance, quantity, and diversity of the ad copy in the responsive ad searches.

This introduction of Google’s new tool will help the advertisers in measuring the effectiveness of the ads before they go live on the internet. It also enables them to manage their ads to a higher standard and optimize the chances of generating an increasing number of clicks and eventually conversions. In addition to that, Google has provided actionable feedback feature like the indicators ranging from “poor to excellent” to apprise the advertisers about the areas they need to improve on. As a result, the combination of actionable feedback and ad strength make it easy to find the lacunas and work on it for a better search result.

While giving priority to responsive ad search, Google has also come up with some advertiser-centric moves. From now on Ad strength will be available as a column. And for a responsive ad search, you need to provide as many headlines and descriptions possible that makes sense for your business. And for a responsive ad display, you should provide up to fifteen images and five blogs, headlines and essential description per ad. Google Ad strength indicator also enables to make reporting on search ads. Advertisers can preview their ad combinations and create customized ad searches.

As a part of the announcement, it has also become plus points on the part of the advertisers to learn more about the key changes that are happening in the search results. The aforesaid updates seem like a paradigm shift as far as the responsive ad search is concerned. Though the proper functioning of this tool requires a bulk of data and well-planned strategy, the Ad strength indicator endowed with the advanced features render you with the desired outcome that you are in need of. With millions of advertisers out there and the skills range from intermediate to advance level, with such pro-advertiser upgrades like this, the optimism of future updates looks bright.

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