A Close Insight into Expanded Text Ads

Thursday, November 21, 2019 | Google Ads, PPC News

Alike text ads, expanded text ads are also known for promoting different services and products over the Google Network. Such texts have three headline domains and don’t exceed the word limit of more than 30 characters. Other than this, expanded text ads include two description fields for 90 characters and a URL display.
For instance, if you are a merchant already using two headlines by one in the name of your company’s brand and another mentioning your official website, you are free to add a third headline showing additional information of your business as any promotional offers, or shipping details, or just stating a call to action so your customers reach to you.

Keeping every good talk about expanded text ads aside, if you ask me the best thing is the mobile-optimized feature. Also, whenever you create your expanded text ad, a preview of your already created ad will show up in both the mobile and desktop format. Though Advertising on Google and Its Significance is hidden to none and, is a great way to boost your current statistics, expanded text ads are also useful and can make a powerful impact on your existing market. There are several ways you can add on to make the most of these ads and score higher advantages with the help of these in your campaigns.


Using the headlines regime in your campaign is the most sorted way to take up the advantages in your bag. Especially using headline #1 and then putting your most engaging discussion over there so, the customers know about your company and get a little closer to it. The audience will feel connected only when they will find the copy creative and catching, thus be sure of using a headline that impresses the readers in one go and a few tips are as
•Make the most of your other headline as you got to put your best foot forward in front of the customers. Try to specify something different about your service and product by adding texts, thereby contributing to your CTR.
•Most of the time avoid overdoing with your keywords as it will only ruin your main content. Also, don’t forget to add a value proposition along with a call to action in the description.
•Remember that the main objective is to aim a larger audience and that can only be targeted by using emotional triggers. Add a compelling offer to your description and try luring your potential customers.


Ideal for mobile devices, expanded text ads are work for every mobile device and writes a copy so no lost connections could hamper it midway. Also, when you are adding the description on the devices, remember that mobile devices are all about “on the go” and the message you are adding has to be short, simple and brief. If used well, Expanded Text Ads will mark higher profits for all your campaigns. In case you are ready to go and make use of these ads, they can easily be found on both Google Display Network and Google Search Network.

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