Digital Marketing Considerations for a Post-COVID-19 Future

Friday, August 14, 2020 | DIY

In today’s scenario, when the economy is under recession, companies are laying employees off, work from is in trend, and death is soaring, stepping on the right foot is essential, no matter what venture you are planning to jaunt. Be it keeping the risk of catching the infection at bay or surviving the drowning business world, you have to be careful in all respects. Covid-19 was supposed to decimate the digital market on a large scale because of the reduced budget. The question that crosses the mind of many people sitting comfortably on their sofa is whether working from home is going to impact every business or just some of them. After long research and analysis, it was concluded that the crisis is different as while some industries like travel and tourism are hit adversely, those coming under the radar of essential services are flourishing.

Digital marketing is one of those essential areas where companies are boasting their money in abundance. They can’t risk losing profitable clients due to months-long lockdown and hassle-laden delivery. The latest dynamics of the business world have forced them to rethink their marketing strategies, processes, and tools. As they proceed to do the same, these are the top considerations that will help them endeavor successfully.


Creative and content production has always been an integral and core part of SEO. But, SEO efforts during Covid-19 are very different because it’s time for a cost-cut even in this crucial area of organic marketing. Several companies have been relying on archaic content development methods so far but that required them to pay for manually created, edited, distributed pieces of content. They are also stuck with print media and TV for advertising; thus, curtailing their chance of succeeding in times like these. As they shift to automation tools or dynamic creative technology, they save a fortune by creating text copies automatically in multiple languages and product packaging, etc.


The companies that relied on retailers for brick and mortar distribution are now facing huge failure. Only companies that are supplying through eTailers and via direct-to-consumers are able to survive today. It’s because now the role of the offline retailer is no longer fruitful due to lockdown but eCommerce retailers are still carrying on with their businesses. The best ones are those who are engaged in direct selling, which is the need of the hour. Besides being dependent on the retailers, these brands also lost a huge market share due to TV and print advertising models. Quarantine period and social distancing encountered a quick shift to digital marketing, while it also resulted in continuously plummeting retail sales. Experts believe that such a shift in consumer behavior during the Covid-19 crises may impact their lifestyle permanently as they will now learn ways of living, they never came around before.


The current pandemic has replaced conventional marketing strategies with agile marketing. Businesses now have to focus on two major aspects; one, they need to be quick with their replies to their clients; two, they need to forget a one-size-fits-all tactic. Individuals expect to be addressed based on empathy or driven to the stores where their safety is kept in mind. Marketers are embracing the technology that bolsters them with more responsive and real-time marketing stacks, enabling them to curate data-driven creatives and content and pushing them out to all marketing channels for immediate response to the clients.

After reading this, one thing is clear that businesses will definitely have to rethink their marketing blueprint now. It has so much to do with digital platforms and automation that no marketer can ignore anymore. Tech-driven strategies can only help them deliver true marketing ROI amid novel coronavirus outbreak.

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