Facebook Dating Service Launch – All You Need to Know

Friday, September 21, 2018 | DIY, Infographic, Social Media

There has been a wave of excitement amongst the Facebook users ever since the social media platform’s CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Dating Service earlier this year in the company’s annual conference for developers, F8. The feature will allow the users to create a dating profile and help to get a match with the potential love interest. The unique aspect of the feature is, it is optional.

Unlike Tinder and Match Group, which are full-fledged dating apps, Facebook Dating is going to be a feature in the existing social media application. The feature focuses on searching a partner and creating meaningful relationships. Here are some facts that can add to the charm of this dating service:

  1. It requires the interested users to create a profile which their existing Facebook friends will not be able to see. It means none of the friends will be present in the list of potentials. The feature offers the non-binary and transgender options. They need to tap on the heart icon which will be available on the app’s home page.
  2. The users can become part of several groups and events to find potential matches. Facebook will use its unique algorithms to find you the right match. The potential matches will be according to dating preference, similar interests, and mutual friends. If two people express interest in one another, they can have private conversations.
  3. There have been speculations if the service will have swiping feature to select the potential match.
  4. To regulate spamming, Facebook plans to create a limit on how many people you can like.
  5. The dating service emphasizes privacy for the users of the feature. Unlike other dating applications, just text conversations will be allowed on the messaging interface. There would be no previous chat available in the messaging interface.
  6. The feature is available only for the adult audiences. The service is more about mature relationships.
  7. The feature is free of cost. There have been speculations that Facebook will initially not display advertisements on this feature.

As of now, Facebook is not flashing the Dating service as an independent application. It is rather keeping it is a feature in the main app and is aiming to create meaningful long-term relationships. The benefit of this service includes the fact that the user gets to choose from a lot of potential matches who are not friends on Facebook.

According to experts, the feature can increase the users’ engagement over the social media platform which was earlier reduced to passive video watching. The new feature that Facebook plans to launch can take away audience from the existing apps like Tinder which is a general dating application.

The dating service is making a buzz amongst the marketers as well. It will allow them to do more accurate targeting based on relationships. The announcement of the application has raised the stocks of the company at a significant rate. However, more details about the service can be revealed only after its launch.

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