How LinkedIn Targeting Audiences Help in Expanding Your Reach

Monday, June 15, 2020 | Social Media

Every minute people are searching or surfing the Internet. There are around 137 million search queries on the Bing Network.

Recently, Microsoft Ads announced that they will spread the profile targeting feature to LinkedIn through text ads, shopping campaigns along with dynamic search ads. It will assist you to connect with the most relevant consumers and through LinkedIn, you can target the audiences. In beta testing, currently, the feature is not yet accessible for the advertisers. Thus, by working with a certified agency like PPC papa will give you an idea of what the new feature can do for the betterment of your campaigns along with the Perks of hiring a PPC Reseller Company.

Target a Highly Specified Buying Persona:

Leveraging into the LinkedIn networks can give you access to:
10M C-level Executives
63M Decision-makers
630M Members on LinkedIn
180M Senior-level influencers
With the help of Search and LinkedIn Audiences target, you can showcase your ad to people who work at Apple, mostly search for something on Bing or Yahoo. It will help you to add LinkedIn audiences to your already existing search campaigns and demand higher if the users come under specific job categories.

If you want to try something else, grasp LinkedIn data, which is given by the network as it has great value. It is because members have professional incentives to keep their profiles accurate and updated.

The advertisers accessing Microsoft can target the audiences in a professional context as they have access to real, member-generated demographic data. It helps them to reach the right audience through job title, company, industry, experience, location, and more. But it is not enough, depending on your products and services, you will be able to market it to the influencers of an industry or high-level executives so that they can make the decision. Thus, by choosing and connecting with the right audience you can make a difference in the world.

The targeting criteria of LinkedIn are designed to help people to build their ideal persona:
Decision-makers of IT
C- level executives
prospective students
small business owners
PPC into Form:
Now that you know the ways by which you can leverage some profiling features to target your ideal audience. Below are some ideas:

It can be done by including relevant companies, industries or job duties to your already existing search campaigns along with a demand modifier. With the right keywords, you can still target a similar audience but if you sell your Software online, you may want to respond higher on people who work for tech companies.

Also, by launching a separate Search Campaign, which is opposed to your regular campaigns, will target highly broad keywords with LinkedIn Audiences. In this case, it doesn’t matter what search query people are applying to view your ad if they are a part of your LinkedIn Segments. When you know your target audience, and you are ready to pay more for them, then increasing or shifting your budget is necessary to get in front of them.

There are chances that you may see lower CPAs or higher conversion rates. You can also have the capability to raise bids for users that fall into the target segment. For example- if you are a merchant who sells equipment to the restaurant industry, LinkedIn’s profile targeting will help you narrow down your ideal audience.


It concludes that, through LinkedIn Network, you can stay on the top of users’ minds, deliver your budget, and promote brand originated safe environment to your target audience. LinkedIn is a powerful platform and a professional network; it is worth including in your campaign strategies.

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