First PPC Client Acquisition: A Step by Step Guide

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | PPC News, Reseller Updates

Business marketing has taken its flight from local shops to digital enterprises, where they are managed electronically with the help of digital strategies and software. One essential part of digital marketing is advertising for which two different internet advertising models are used by digital marketing managers all around the world. These models are PPC or Pay-Per-Click and SEO or Search Engine Optimization where SEO earns the traffic to the websites organically i.e. free of cost and PPC earns them for a fee. PPC is also known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and has gained importance due to its quality performance and maximized results. In PPC marketing strategy, advertisers bet on a keyword for their advertisement and pay to the publisher as and when a user clicks on their Ads which must have appeared when users searched that keyword. PPC campaigns are, therefore, so complex and entangled in so many meager but crucial tasks, that it requires professional assistance to reap profitable benefits.

A PPC reseller company is full of these professionals who specialize in different segments of a PPC campaign and strive to use their years of experience to make the most out of it. However, in case you are new to PPC reselling business, here is a step by step guidance that you can use to get your first PPC client.

1- AdWords and Bing Ads Certification

Before anything, you should earn a certification of your services to boost the credibility among potential clients. Even if the certification doesn’t guarantee good PPC services, it can instill in potential clients that you are trying your best to match the PPC industry standards by pursuing AdWords and Bing Ads courses.

2- State Your Services

When it comes to defining your specialized services, you should focus on stating that PPC service which you are sure of that you can provide with excellence. It is highly recommended that as a new PPC reseller, you should not try to have a full-service approach, as it sometimes dissuades clients who are seeking after specialists for one particular job.

3- Set Up a Legal Business

Embarking on a new business involves various security concerns which call for the need of an attorney who can help you with required paperwork associated with the legalization of the business. Attorneys will help protect your business and its assets from any legal challenge and also assist you in filing taxes. Attorneys should also be consulted to draft an airtight contract whereby stating project scope, timing, fees and payment schedule, deliverables, indemnity, intellectual properties, and other legalese.

4- Identify Your Prospects

The step where you will actually feel like working on your goal is when you start developing a list of your prospects. You can identify them on the basis of their paying capability, their needs, and willingness to recognize good results. For the same, you can start your list with your former employers, clients, local businesses, or companies.

5- Qualify the Prospects

You should first schedule a meeting with the prospects and try to get a close insight into their business, clients, goals, pain points, decision-making processes, and budget, and when it is apparent that your services can solve their pain points, get started with the proposal.

6- Customize a Proposal

Your proposal must include services, investment, timing, and assumptions unambiguously. You should customize the proposal as per the needs of the prospects with strategies and tactics and without any delay and confusion.

7- Discuss Fees and Scope

irst you present your fees and if that fee doesn’t match the prospects’ affordability, you can negotiate the fees and scopes with them. Be flexible till it is fair and avoid getting stuck in a bad deal just because you want to earn your first client.

8- Hold a Kick-off Meeting

Before working on a PPC campaign, you should schedule a kick-start meeting with the client and note the agreed upon points like scope, deliverables, plans, success matrix, testing, and reporting.
Upon following this step by step guide, you can essentially attract many good PPC project deals with existing and new clients and will ultimately achieve great success in the internet advertising world

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