How Bing Advertising Is Better Than Google Advertising?

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Monday, June 20, 2022 | Bing

Bing Ads uses similar auction dynamics to Google Ads auctions, so Bing advertisers have a number of advantages from the lack of competition, such as better ad positions and lower cost per click. Of our large marketing services clients who advertised on both Google and Bing, we saw that almost all of them had a lower CPC for search on Bing, on average 33.5% cheaper CPC on Bing. Not only were these Bing clicks cheaper, but their ads very often ranked better than their Google counterparts and had higher CTRs. Mentioned below are some points on how Bing advertising is better than Google advertising-

  1. Bing Ads offers more granular control at the campaign and ad group level.
  2. Unlike Google Ads, Bing allows you to assign different time zones to different campaigns. This makes bing ads management much easier to manage sophisticated ad planning strategies in Bing, especially if your campaigns reach abroad.

    In Google Ads, Google allows you to set the network, placement, ad schedule, language, and ad rotation at the campaign level, and ad groups are limited to campaign-level settings. However, Bing Ads opens up these options at the ad group level, allowing you to quickly adjust the settings for a specific ad group without the hassle of creating a whole new campaign to make the change.

  3. Bing Ads has better device targeting capabilities.
  4. Google earned the scorn of the paid search community in 2013 when it forced a migration to expanded campaigns, where campaigns target all desktop, tablet and mobile devices by default. Users can adjust their bids for mobile devices, but not for tablets, and users cannot opt out of desktop search targeting.

    While Bing plans to remove some targeting options in March, currently Bing advertisers can still exclude desktop and tablet traffic from their campaigns. Sophisticated advertisers can even target mobile devices with select operating systems:

    In addition to much more robust mobile targeting, Bing also allows you to adjust your bid for tablet users from -20% to +300%:

  5. Bing Ads offers greater transparency and control over search partner targeting.
  6. Google offers paid search advertisers two options at the campaign level: target Google search or target Google search and search partners. There is no in-between or alternative. You cannot target only search partner sites and exclude a specific search partner. You can’t even see which partner engines are driving traffic to your site.

    Bing allows users the flexibility to target only Bing and Yahoo, only search partners, or both at the ad group level. Reach out to us for best bing PPC management.


    You can also quickly run a report in Bing to see exactly which search partners are driving that traffic to your site. Go to the reports tab and run the Site URL (Publisher) report to quickly see exactly where your traffic is coming from. If you see something here that you don’t like you can even exclude that particular search partner without having to opt out of all other partner sites. Go back to your campaign settings and add the site as a “site exclusion”.

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