Improving the Marketing Strategy Using Facebook

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Thursday, April 4, 2019 | DIY, PPC News, Social Media

The race of being the best marketing platform is on between social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram. Even though the algorithm changes, Facebook is still a powerhouse for growing the social reach.

It is still the biggest and powerful marketing tool as compared to other social media platforms. It has around two billion monthly active users whereas others have not reached or crossed the limit. After the recent algorithm changes, the marketers have reported that Ad impression has been decreases whereas the cost increases. But still, there are plenty of ways that one can use to promote their business on Facebook. Here are some of the marketing strategies that businesses can use:

Right Category for your page:

It is an initial step as you need to create a business page, not a personal profile. The social media platform provides six specific categories to create a profile. As for a business page, the category is under the Local Business or Brand categories. It is essential to choose a suitable section as each part has different features. For example- A local business has a section for a physical location listing whereas online brand doesn’t. It is also imperative to raise brand awareness.

Get a vanity URL:

There are plenty of ways that can help to optimize the Facebook page, but the first thing is to grab a vanity URL as it is good for SEO. The business page or the profile page is not only more searchable on Facebook when you use a vanity URL, but it’s also more searchable on Google as well. It can help Google to link more keywords and make the page look more professional.

Optimize the Images:

It is essential to use the high-quality images and if you are a brand, you must use the logo to promote the page. One must use their photos as an opportunity to showcase the brand to the audience. It helps them to know what you are and what you do.

Call to Action:

It is a must thing on every Facebook business page. It may include a list of options such as Book now, contact us, Call now and many more. These links can connect to a landing page, website, contact form and anything else that can lead them to the introductory offer of the service. There is no hard and fast rule for the CTA so focus on what you think your visitors will more likely to click.

Custom Facebook Tabs:

These are customizable as they are essential to include as they offer pertinent information about your brand and answer the questions that user likely to know before they buy it. They are separate tabs that include videos, pictures and additional info that tells the users more about the company.

Clean up your posts:

The newsfeed can be a crowded space. Therefore, it is essential to format the page in a way to make it stand out else it will fade away in the background. For example- A post accompanied by a high-quality photo is more likely to get engagement than a post with some plain text. It is imperative to keep the images sharp and readable which make them shareable.

Use Facebook Insights:

Posting quality content can help you to win the battle. It is essential to monitor the metrics of engagement so that one can know what content is succeeding. One can also use the tools that can help them to know the internal analytics of their Facebook page. It also helps to access the information about the page’s reach, including likes, comments, and shares.

Promote the page with Ads:

An organic post is not the only way to engage users. In marketing terms, Facebook Ads are still an inexpensive and effective method so no need to afraid of the change of algorithm. When you target the right audiences, the ads appear in the right place.

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