3 Factors That Make Social Media SEO Important

Social Media Marketing
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 | Social Media

Search Engine Optimization is all about making your online presence impactful so that more and more people can visit your website. On the other hand, social media marketing helps to get the best out of your social networks and take your content to the right people.

Even though both of them are different, they share the same goal, which is of increasing the profit for business by attracting customers. As their goals overlap, you can use them together to maximize your profit. With an effective social media strategy and an equally powerful SEO campaign in place, you can ensure that you do well in the online marketing world.

Both SEO and social media marketing complement each other, and here are some valid reasons why you should focus your efforts on social media to enhance your SEO results:

  • 1. Social Media Content Gets Indexed
  • Constantly uploading unique and fresh social media content can make a huge impact on your content marketing campaign. Your hard work won’t go in vain as the search engine crawlers would index your social media posts and eventually, your page would gain recognition.

    Remember, not anything you post will get indexed by Google, so you don’t need to flood your profile with unnecessary content just for getting indexed. Make relevant posts which help the audience by providing useful information. The more attention the audience gives to your posts, the greater chance you post has for getting indexed. Thus, it is wise not to only fill up your posts with necessary information, but also keep the format and language entertaining, so that the audience remains engaged.

  • 2. Social Media Builds Authority
  • Search engines value websites which have high authority, making it a critical factor where SEO should focus. If your site has higher value and authority, you have a great chance to rank better than other competitive websites with not-so-strong authority.

    Authority is not an easy thing to achieve, as you can’t make your website ‘authoritative’ within a day. It takes a lot of time and effort to gain authority. The route is quite simple, as you have to maintain punctuality in publishing top-notch content and get more and more backlinks with time. The links from other valued websites act as a vote of confidence for your website, and Google prefers such websites with authoritative backlinks from a valued website over other websites.

    When it comes to gaining backlinks, you can’t just ignore social media and work solely on your website. As a plethora of content is distributed across social media, your profile’s influence and authority will have a direct impact on your overall level of authority. By increasing your social media followers, you expose your content to a greater audience. As compared to only working on your website, you will get more recognition across the different social media platforms through backlinks from prominent websites.

  • 3. Social Media involves Real People
  • Rather than only focusing on the much more technical SEO, you should make a strategy to satisfy the search engine algorithms as well as the audience. Ignoring real people in your marketing campaigns can lead to a major loss, as the search engines have only one goal; making the people’s online experience more convenient. The black-hat SEO techniques (which shouldn’t be practiced at all) also fail to provide websites with long-term rankings due to the same fact. Link buying, keyword stuffing, and thin content all ignore the search engine’s objective of satisfying customers and hence result in Google penalizing the websites which gain a higher ranking through black-hat SEO techniques.

    As the overall population who uses the internet on a daily basis continues to increase throughout the world, the simple process of ‘keyword optimization’ is not going to get your website to the summit of the search engine result pages. In order to achieve exactly that, you have to keep the netizens at the center of every strategy you form, and you must inculcate social media marketing into your campaigns for establishing a prominent digital presence.

    Now that you know how important social media is for becoming an authoritative figure in the online world, you should start practicing social media SEO. As you continue to publish high-quality content, make social sharing easy, optimize your social profiles, and actively participate in niche-related events, you would surely gain success in digital marketing.

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