Why Facebook Advertising Is a Worthy Investment?

Facebook Ad Design
Monday, July 4, 2022 | Social Media

The only cost is the cost associated with providing a budget and running ads. For many SMB advertisers, this is one of the most attractive benefits of Facebook advertising. The cost of running Facebook ads depends on many factors (your budget, ad types, industry, etc.), but in general, marketers should expect to pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per click. So mentioned below are some points on why investing in Facebook ads is a worthy investment.

  1. Facebook ads can give results very quickly
  2. Facebook Business Ads are ideal for brands looking to run both short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies – as they can start delivering revenue/conversions as soon as they go live. But they are best for quick results.

    Once ad campaigns are set up in Ads Manager, they are reviewed by Facebook and once launched, they go live immediately, showing your brand/products to potentially thousands of people immediately. Ads are normally approved within 24 hours, so the benefits of Facebook advertising come from offering businesses a way to start selling within days. Contact us for best and affordable facebook ad design services.

  3. Facebook offers ads for your specific business goals
  4. Marketers can also choose from a variety of “ad targets” that suit their business goals. This is great for businesses that want to prioritize different results for their ads. For example, ads can be designed to deliver more: post-engagement/engagement, more website traffic, lead generation, etc.

    In fact, the benefit of Facebook advertising for your business is that you can set “Ad Goals” for increased brand awareness, brand consideration, or just direct conversions! Specific ads can be set. Additionally, their advertising platform also allows you to focus on broader goals for business growth, such as leads, sales and increasing visibility. The Ads Manager tool offers the benefits of Facebook advertising in the form of ad targets designed specifically for these needs. Ad creation options and targets include:

    • Lead generation and information gathering based on audience interests.
    • Bigger conversions that can include anything from product sales to app interactions, downloads, form fills and more.
    • Increase brand awareness by reaching more people and showing your ads to people who prefer to pay attention.
  5. Access to one of the largest audiences in the world
  6. With more than 2.7 billion active users, the Facebook advertising platform gives businesses access to one of the largest digital advertising networks. But that’s not all, since the acquisition of Instagram in 2012, the social media giant has built its advertising network to allow easy access to both platforms.

    Their ad network spans both sites to give advertisers the ability to display their ads on each – with little extra setup. Reach out to us for best and affordable facebook ad design services.


    Instagram also now has more than 1 billion users and its daily active users are more than 500 million. In fact, both Facebook and Instagram have great usage statistics. Facebook advertising benefits businesses of all sizes by giving them access to audiences they wouldn’t get anywhere else. 78% of consumers say they discovered the products they bought on Facebook and 60% of people say they discovered new products on Instagram! Nearly two-thirds of all adults use Facebook—making its massive reach one of the biggest benefits of Facebook ads for small, medium, and even large businesses.

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