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Monday, February 21, 2022 | Social Media

Video ads across YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, so YouTube ads share many similarities with Google ads, but with one important difference. It’s just a video. Ads can play before, during, or after a video someone is watching. Some YouTube ad formats can be skipped by viewers after playing for a few seconds. Some do not pass. YouTube ads can be Pay-Per-View (PPV) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) depending on length and placement.

What is an advertisement on YouTube?

YouTube Ads or white label YouTube advertising are promotional videos on channel websites and apps, as well as partner sites known as the Google Display Network (GDN). Because YouTube is part of Google, advertisers benefit from the depth of Google user data. This information, collected from viewers’ Google search history and YouTube viewing habits, can be used to focus less on advertising campaigns. Targeting makes YouTube ads very attractive because corporate video ads can be delayed for YouTube videos that are suitable for millions of users who want to watch for entertainment or education.

Improving Your YouTube Video Ads.

Once you’ve started your YouTube campaign, follow these guidelines to build and maintain momentum. Think beyond the Census.

You can target your ads to people based on age, location or gender, but focus on their behaviour and interests to get quality leads. For example, someone who regularly visits a navigation-only website will have more hope than someone who lives near water. Once you get information about your potential YouTube viewers, you can remove ad-related topics that didn’t work in the past. You can also link your ads to pages connected to the Display Network or show your ads to people with whom you have previously linked your business.

Must be specific.

Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your YouTube ads to get viewers to take the action you want them to take. Common call-to-actions include visiting the site, requesting additional information or placing a phone call, registering for an event, or placing an order. Some CTAs always work best, so avoid standard CTAs like “click here”. You can also improve the answer by adding special contributions, but for a limited time it creates urgency. For long YouTube ads, include in your video a screenshot of the most prominent final screen leading to the action you want people to take.

Conversion Tracking Settings

At the back of your website, you add a small amount of tracking code called a marker to see what happens after a viewer clicks on your YouTube ad. This way you know which ads are most important to you and which ones aren’t. You can use this information to focus on spending money on ads that produce the best results. For example, you may discover that a particular call-to-action leads to several forms of posting, or that a particular targeted advertisement increases sales.

Understanding the bidding process

The amount you pay for YouTube ads depends on the ad type and effectiveness. In Unsolicited Ads, YouTube charges for each time a viewer clicks on a call-to-action, watches for more than 30 seconds, or views an ad each time (if less than 30 seconds). Unsolicited and bulky ads are paid per 1,000 impressions (CPM) each time. YouTube charges for TrueView video ads when someone clicks to watch your video, regardless of watch time (cost per view).

Metric Tracking

Explore the different metrics you can track to keep up with your campaign performance. Sight and CPV are great places to start. Views are defined as people who watched or clicked on an ad for more than 30 seconds or until the end of the ad (which is shorter). View rate is the number divided by the number of times your ad was viewed. In general, shorter ads tend to have higher view rates. A high-quality view indicates that your video and target audience are in good health.

Final words

YouTube PPC management ads are a very affordable way to get your message across to the people you wants to reach. It is customizable and connects to Google’s rich data service.

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