What are two types of remarketing used in Google Display ads?

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Monday, May 2, 2022 | Google Ads

What is General Re-marketing? This is Google’s re-advertising ad format, and is used to target website visitors who visit your site, whether they are performing a specific action or not. Your website places a cookie on a user’s browser, giving Google information that this user has expressed interest in your products by visiting your website. Once Google is “activated” by this piece of information, your Google Shopping Ads will be displayed on Google content that the user is visiting next.

What type of ad will be displayed?

However, this is the main difference between Standard Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing. The ad displayed on the first type of marketing campaign is permanent — it does not change in variety. If your Google Ads Account decides that this person is eligible for re-marketing, you will be shown the standard designs for the ads you uploaded. As you can see, the advertiser showed all of their products in one ad. The purpose here is to get your attention back to the product.

Powerful Marketing

Now, if you are looking for a personalized marketing strategy, you should opt for flexible marketing. This type of remarketing allows Google to use the Google Ads Manager forum and website visitor data to provide custom ad content.

What does this mean? However, when a user sees your ad being offered a flexible remarketing, Google may pull information from different areas such as:

  • Your product catalog (including features such as color or size)
  • An audience list stored in Google Analytics or Google Ads Manager
  • Data collected from third-party tools including Google Ads Manager via API or marker management system.

Dynamic Remarketing allows you to deliver highly targeted messages in real time to get the most important results and ROI. For example, you visit a website and find enough interest in a product that continues to add to the cart. However, you have been distracted and have switched to a different tab or just wandered off the online store. If you visit the website that is part of the Google Display Network architecture, you see an ad for a product you added to your cart a long time ago! Will you click on the ad and continue with your purchase? You will probably do so. Everyone who has been online has experienced this type of re-marketing at least once in their lives, which shows how real Dynamic Remarketing really works. Contact us to hire Google Shopping Ads Management Agency.


Unlike standard re-marketing, when you have a limited number of ad variations based on what you upload, with Dynamic Remarketing, the limit on the variety of ads your viewers can see is limited to your product value only!With one flexible ad, you can showcase your products based on what your audience interests. When a customer adds a product to their cart, you can display ads that focus on that specific product:

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