Top 4 PPC Trends To look Out for in 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020 | PPC News

In an increasingly competitive market, every marketer wants to make sure that he/she gets the most out of his ad campaign and efficiently improves the users’ engagement on the website. For this, a company needs to be armed with accurate and comprehensive information if it wants to make strategic decisions in its business campaigns. In PPC marketing space, this is even more crucial, as the digital ecosystem is transforming at unparalleled speed. PPC advertising is a strategy that helps various businesses target and reach their audience, which leads to better conversion rates and customer engagement. While PPC is the best strategy to go with, its practices are always changing and transforming as technology improves. Therefore, as 2020 kicks off, here are some PPC news and trends that you must bear in mind if you want to reach your advertising and marketing objectives.

#1 Widespread Use of Automation in PPC

Years earlier, keywords and key phrases were the only things that kept the PPC campaign practice running, but now things have changed as machine learning became the forefront of various advertising platforms. Platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads have developed automated bidding strategies that automatically rank sites based on keywords. Google Ads is the primary example that uses machine learning techniques based on initial keywords and other elements, and then place your ads on SERPs. Besides, automation helps businesses save time.

#2 Use of Artificial Intelligence for Better PPC Campaign Decisions

Same as automation, marketing tools that are dependent on AI are also improving and becoming smart year after year. In 2020, these tools will also be improving to help companies make better decisions about their PPC campaigns. Artificial Intelligence helps business owners select the right bids that can drive more traffic, and ultimately, increase their conversions. The use of AI in these tools will effectively analyze click-through rate, give smart campaign insight, and provide comprehensive data and reports that can help you plan future marketing campaigns. The AI can be a game-changer in the digital industry in the coming years, and its ability can favor your company in making better PPC decisions.

#3 Inclusion of More Advertising Platform

Digital marketing space is vast, and businesses know that the popularity of ad platforms is growing at an unprecedented rate and will continue to grow in the coming years. Being the popular choice among marketers, Google is not the only ad platform present today, companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram are also offering PPC ads to advertisers in 2020. While investing in these platforms might be a good idea, it doesn’t mean you should place your ad on every other platform. You must make wise decisions to determine which platform most businesses are leaning towards and where most users are most likely to be present.

#4 Increase Use of Video Ads Across Platforms

No doubt, videos are an effective means to transfer information and help companies show their features and send a powerful message to the audience about the products and services they offer. Although the idea of the video is not new, due to high production costs and lack of in-house expertise, it has been quite hard for companies to use video for their advertising campaigns. But now, improvement in technology has significantly increased brand interest in videos as their marketing strategy because of less production cost. Moreover, one thing that also interests various advertisers is the shorter version of these video ads that have the ability to attract users effectively. Since many platforms are giving attention to video advertising, it is now the right time that you adapt to these changes if you want to increase your company reputation and maximize profits.

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